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3 Easy-Peasy Steps To Picking The Best Outfit For Your Interview

Posted on 17 April 2017



When it comes to interviews, first impressions definitely count. Throw that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ ideology out the window; it is completely nullified when it comes to job interviews. It is true that your personality, skill set, and confidence are also key elements when it comes to whether you ultimately get hired or not, but dressing up appropriately also makes a huge difference.

Picking the most appropriate outfit for your interview can be perplexing and stressful. Trust us when we say that we have totally been there before. If you are just like us, then we hope this guide to picking the best interview outfit will help you.


#1 Picking The Right Colours

You might not necessarily think it, but picking the right colours for your outfit makes an impact. Check out our previous post on how to dress for your skin tone if you haven’t already.

When it comes to dressing for interviews, it is best to avoid colours like brown. The tone does not necessarily come with negative connotations, but it might make you come off a bit too boring and plain.

At the other end of the spectrum, it is also advisable to steer clear from ultra bright hues like orange, fuschia, or neon green. Your interview might feel a little bit too bombarded with colour while staring at you for a span of 20 to 30 minutes during the interview.

The best colours to wear during an interview include whites and greys. White never fails to make anybody look a little more crisp, clean and neat, while greys will lend you a tinge of maturity, making you look more professional. For starters, try our Casswood Tweed Panelling Work Dress in Grey, or the Carelli Flutters Hem Work Dress in White/Grey.


#2 Don’t Forget To Accessorise

Don’t completely write off accessorising when it comes to dressing for your next big interview. It is a common misconception that ‘blinging’ up makes you a little bit more shabby. Some think that it makes an outfit look a bit too OTT. But trust us when we say this: accessorising can be the key to making or breaking an outfit.

Go with simpler, daintier pieces like a single silver necklace, or a couple of tasteful stackable rings. They don’t just add a pop of colour to any look, it makes you look more sophisticated as well.

Some basic, easy-to-accessorise pieces include the Tabitha Tassle Hem Shift Dress, and the Montana Pleated Midi Skirt in Black.


#3 Dress For What You’re Applying For

 It is easy to just throw on a clean white blouse with a pencil skirt and be good to go, and while that is the appropriate look for some interviews, it might not be the look for all jobs.

It is crucial to dress for the job that you’re applying for, because it speaks volume about your personality, and whether you are suitable for the position or not.

For creative-type jobs, feel free to accessorise a little more. You can also try adding a little more colour into your outfit, be it through a statement accessory, or tasteful patterned tops. For this, we think the Marieann Colourblock Shift Work Dress in White/Navy and the Allegra Preppy Tux Two Piece Pinafore Set fit the bill.

For corporate, more business-type jobs, always aim to look more prim and proper. You should always keep it simple yet proper with blouses or dresses that screams ‘I Know What I’m Doing’. The Lohan Razor Cut A-Line Dress in Grey and the Elle Block Work Dress in Gingham Mint are good pieces to start with!


We hope that these 3 handy tips have helped you a little when it comes to deciding what to wear to an interview. Confidence is key, and we believe that part of that stems from feeling great in what you wear. No matter which job you’re applying for, don’t forget to put on a great smile, let loose, and let your true personality shine through.

With love,
NM Team
*Images Credits: Pinterest, unless otherwise stated.

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