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Find Your Colours, Wear them Right!

Posted on 02 April 2017

Isn’t it lovely to always wear the right things?
No, it certainly does not only refer to being in trend, but more so being in style and always being you. Colours and skin tones wear never given much thought until I read about this book: Color Me Beautiful by Hamlyn. If you were to google it, you will definitely know what I am talking about 😊
With all that being said, we are going to be talking about colours in this post; how are colours and skin tones being related to your dressing up! Let’s get started!
First, please take a look at the chart below.
Colour Types are divided into 6 different categories: Light, Deep, Warm, Clear, Cool, and Soft.
Asians tend towards Deep, Clear and Cool. As such, we will be touching on these three colour types. As you read on, you will notice that these three colours are quite similar in a way.

Colour Types: Which one are you?


Deep Skin tone: A strong and distinct look?

If your hair colour is the range between dark brown to black, if you have dark eyes, eyebrows and lashes, if you have a porcelain skin tone, to dark brown or black, or everything in between, you are a Deep!
Since you have a strong and distinct look, your family of colours tend towards strong, darker colours (especially nearer to your face). You want your clothes balance our the colour palette in your outfit. Entirely dark outfit is fine, switching out the black pants for a lighter shade is fine, but wearing two light hues together are a no no for you! You can stand out, too, by wearing a bright red lipstick so that it balances out your make up and gives your face a really fresh pop of colour.
Colours to invest in: Black, White, Ivory, Taupe, Dark Brown, Dark and Light Greys, Navy, Forest, Aubergine.
Colours to add that pop: Scarlet Red, Royal Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Cornflower Blue

Clear Skin tone: Are your eyes your most beautiful assets?

Welcome to the Clear Family if you have dark hair, bright eyes that are your most striking feature, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, with skin tone from light to dark brown! You have a fresh and clear look, and the thing about your look is that is tends to contrast between light and dark.
Because you have contrasting look, you will need to balance out the dark hair and light skin tone of yours. To do this, you will constantly need to be contrasting your outfit palettes. Basically, a plain canvas with pops of colours will do. If you are wearing taupe as your main colour, you will want to contrast it with a brighter colour – think red or hot pink? If you are not the type of dramatic characters who would embrace bright red as their home, you might want to add some vibrant accessories to your neutral outfit such as colourful silk scarves.
Colours to invest in: Black, White, Ivory, Taupe, Dark Brown, Dark and Light Greys, Navy, Evergreen, Tea, True Red
Colours to add contrast: Mint, Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue, Light Apricot, Blush Pink, Scarlet Red, Apple Green, Emerald Green, Cornflower Blue, Light Aqua.

Cool Skin tone: Do you have translucent skin?

Cool people, you are as cool as they say. Ashy hair tones, grey, white, blonde, dark brown, you belong here! Grey, blue, green or clear brown eyes, eyebrows that range from lighter blonde to grey to dark brown, pink undertones to your skin or porcelain skin that appears translucent, dark brown skin with a slight bluish tinge?
You looks is cool and pinkish and the undertone of your skin is cool. Well, this means that all your clothes need to have a cool (bluish) undertone, preferably with some contrast. You will always look best in medium to deep colours. But if you were to wear brown, balance it with cool shades from your palette such as teal or rose pink. You might want to take note to avoid colours that have a warm yellow undertone as these colours will make your skin appear sallow!
Colours to invest in: Black, White, Rose Beige, Taupe, Light Grey, Spuce Green, Teal, Purple, Royal Blue, Blue-Red
Colours to add contrast: Sky Blue, Light Aqua, Baby Pink, Rose Pink, Hot Pink, Icy Green, Teal, Icy Blue, Cornflower Blue, Sky Blue, Lilac
With love,
NM Team
*Images Credits: Pinterest, unless otherwise stated.

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