5 Reasons You Need a Bodysuit in Your Wardobe!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on July 27 2020

5 Reasons You Need a Bodysuit in Your Wardobe!


B O D Y S U I T S. 

 Originated from leotards, this body-hugging number has been around since the 19th century, created by French Gymnast (Jules Leotard). Because it was given an interpretation of strength and power, popularised by the Catwoman in music videos, TV and film, leotards (or bodysuit) are largely linked with female empowerment.

In this modern age, bodysuits have been created as a progression of the leotard. Besides it being used for activities and sports such as gymnastics, it has now become an essential piece in the fashion industry, and the wardrobes of many, like you and me! 

If you are not convinced that you should own at least one bodysuit in your closet, trust us, you will be, after reading this post! ;)


A bodysuit, being one that hugs closely to your body, acts as the perfect top underneath a pair of bottoms. For those of you who are used to tucking in your tops, or shirts, or blouses, you will know that the folding (or lumping) of the fabric is inevitable. At some times, it looks lazy, and at others, it looks unpolished. These seemingly harmless fabric folds in your top may give off a vibe that the wearer couldn't care less about her outfit. And that can be so detrimental, especially if you have been meaning to score that interview! 

 Bodysuits are perfect for tucking in without the appearance of folds and lumps in your fabric, providing you with that additional boost of confidence wherever you go, whoever you meet! You can move your body in however you want and never worry about any fabric folds at all! 



What else can we say? We are absolutely in love with pieces that provide more bang for the buck! Aren't you? :) Besides being the "top" that it can be, it is essentially still a bodysuit. And that means that, yes, you can definitely wear it during your resort vacations and that trip to the beach! Of course, we would not advise replacing your swimsuit with a bodysuit if you are in for some serious swimming sessions. But, who says you can't play in the water or run around on the beach with a bodysuit? ;)




Fashion-lovers, rejoice! We now have the perfect piece for all your layering outfits! We understand how it's hard sometimes to create fashion-forward layering outfits when your first layer just don't stay snug or is not body-hugging enough, and here is your solution. When it gets hot, you can definitely wear it on its own. Yet, when it gets cold, or when you are heading to a cold country, you can most certainly wear the bodysuit as a first layering piece. After which, add on a plunging v-neckline sweater, then a coat, and finally a scarf.




"How do you access the ladies if you have on a bodysuit?"

 "Isn't it going to be inconvenient to wear a bodysuit out?"

Questions we get a lot on the bodysuit, and we are happy to say that our bodysuits, besides being double-lined (meaning that it is not sheer), also come with functional snap buttons at the crotch area. That only means you can very easily open it when you are going to the ladies, and snap it back once you are done! 



 All in all, we just want to share with you that this will truly look good on you. Because of its stretch-ability, and even tightness to a certain extent, this will act as a foundation garment or a bodyshaper. Hence, even if you do not have the perfect hourglass body, it will try its best to shape you into your best self! 

 Wear it tucked in with any bottoms - denim shorts, A-line shorts, skirts, trousers, culottes, pants! You name it! You will still look good in it! ^^

 Items featured: Aleora Toga Bodysuit, Ardella Square Neck Bodysuit (upcoming)


With love,

Team NM

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