Zelda Top - 6 Ways to Style it!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on July 20 2020

Zelda Top - 6 Ways to Style it!


If you have been following us for the past couple months, you will surely know of our hottest, most demanded top! And that is none other than our widely-loved Zelda Square Neck Top! In the simplest square neckline and straight-cut silhouette, this comfortable top is smoothly double lined with clean seams and just the right amount of stretch. In 8 different colours, we are sure you will be able to find something that suits you for each occasion! ;)

 Let's get into the different looks you can achieve with this top! 




Casual Errands Look

 For the most basic and easiest look just to slip on and head out to the nearest supermarket for grocery shopping, or just about any errands, we would pair the Zelda Top with a denim shorts! Whether it is long or short, ripped or not, a simple denim shorts makes for the perfect summer look and is most ideal for errands-running in our warm and humid weather! And clearly, Zelda looks great with denim shorts tucked in! All you have to do next is to grab your stylish market tote and wallet, and out you go! ;)


Effortless Weekend Look

 To upgrade your casual errands look to an effortless look for the weekends, whether you are heading out to meet friends for brunch at the chicest cafe in your neighbourhood, or having a mini gathering at your friend's house, you can look exceedingly modish with Zelda and a pair of sleek, elevated shorts! Kendra Shorts (upcoming) is our idea of that pair of classy shorts we all need in our wardrobes! Complete your look with a pair of dainty sandal heels and equally sleek bucket bag!



Modest Chic Look

 For a modest chic look, simply change out your bottoms for a flattering midi skirt! Well, we all need a modest outfit (ahem, below knee hemlines) to meet the in-laws or any elderly relative who are more towards the traditional side! This look is pretty flawless for any more serious family meetings, or if you are required to meet a nitpicking relative! :P Throw on your midi skirt, in this case we have the Megan Pleated Knit Skirt, and a pair of sandal heels to go!




Polished Office Look

 A day at the office? No worries! Zelda Top has it covered for you, always! In this case, we are looking at a more professional yet polished look. Pairing the Zelda Top with our Clarity Culottes fulfills just that requirement! Clarity Culottes features a straight cut silhouette with a decent length, making it perfect for an office-chic look! Tuck in that Zelda and throw on a blazer for that ultimate office look!


Street Style Look

 Denim jeans always make a case for street-style looks! If you are someone who's in love with street-style fashion, you will adore this top for it is so versatile! Given the variety of colours that comes with Zelda Top, you can pair it with countless bottoms. For this particular street-style look, we have matched the top with Thea Paperbag Jeans! There you go, an effortlessly chic look made for the streets! 


Casual Picnic Look

 If the above 5 looks still can't convince you of the versatility of the Zelda Top, we have yet to state the most important feature. And that is none other than the fact that it is the quintessential top for layering. A basic top is as good as the number of times it can be worn over and over again! And layering makes for one of the most legitimate reasons we will splurge on a basic item! In this case for a casual picnic look, we have layered the Zelda Top beneath Ofelia Overall Romper (upcoming) for a really easy and cute look! 



With love,

Team NM


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