The 5 Bottoms You Need!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on August 24 2020

The 5 Bottoms You Need!


In a sartorial perspective, bottoms are necessities for so many reasons. I am truly excited for the assortment of bottoms that Neonmello has been offering lately, and I do believe that you are too. After all, bottoms can provide a strong foundation for you to build your outfit upon! Whether it is a pair of shorts, denim jeans, culottes or that professionally-looking pants, they fill up their respective roles in our daily errands or weekly meetings. And, I thought I would share with you some of the bottoms that caught my eye! ;)




The firsts have got to be the highly raved and highly loved Clarity Culottes and Perspective Pants! These bottoms are exceedingly flattering and comes in a wide-legged silhouette, and still nicely tuck in at the waist-line. This not only cinches the waist but also gives off a polished vibe. The belt loops at the waist offers an alternative to put on a belt, thereby making a statement. Furthermore, we love how both Clarity and Perspective are perfect for casual looks as well as formal ones! You can wear them to the office, and then to dinner with the girls. Yet, you can also wear it out on the weekends for a shopping date or to brunch at that insta-worthy cafe you have been meaning to go to!


And if you are someone who can't live without denim shorts, here's a HI-5 from me to you! I am, like many others who live in humid countries like Singapore, an ardent supporter of denim shorts. It is almost my go-to pick for everyday errands, and is ideal for picnics and brunch dates too! Delanie Cuffed Hem Shorts is the team's favourite in the Shorts category lately! We adore the addition of the Ecru colour into our denim options and also love that it comes with a cuffed detail so we get to decide if we want it long or short!



A pair of classic A-line shorts that is possibly one of the most flattering items that you can have in your wardrobe! High-waist and A-line are two of the features that truly make you look good! High-waist bottoms are perfect for creating that illusion of longer legs, and A-line silhouettes tuck in at the waist and flare accordingly at throughout the length of the shorts. Kendra Shorts is one of the classic pieces that we keep for casual occasions that require us to be chic at the same time! 


 Last but not least, you will need a good pair of denim jeans! We have two contenders here and they are the Thea Paperbag Jeans, and Sheila Straight Cut Jeans! We can't decide which is our favourite and thought it is alright to have 2 denim jeans of different styles in our wardrobes! ;) A good pair of denim jeans take you everywhere, really. Whether you are heading to town to meet your girlfriends for lunch, or if you are dropping by the hottest drinking place for some drinks, or if you are going on a vacation, or even to the supermarket for grocery-shopping, that pair of denim jeans work all ways. 



With love,

Team NM


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