5 Tops that are Perfect with Jeans!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on August 31 2020

5 Tops that are Perfect with Jeans!


It's official. We can't get over our obsession with tops lately that we have come up with the 5 tops that we think are perfect with jeans! Aren't jeans one of the classic pieces that have withstood the test of time? Fashion fads and trends pass quickly as seasons switched, but style is the one thing that will remain forever. And, that is one huge reason why we invest in classic pieces like denim jeans, basic cotton tops and knit tops! In this post, you will be convinced of the 5 tops that you need and that they are most ideal to be paired with jeans! ;)





Whether they are cropped tops or full-length tops, tight-fitting tops make up one of the best pairings with jeans! Besides the entire look being exceedingly flattering, they are also simple and chic! You do not risk looking too casual, hence it is certainly an ideal outfit to pull off for your date night at that posh cafe! Here's featuring Neonmello's first-ever cropped top: Zoya Square Neck Cropped Top, that will be coming in 6 different colours. We can already come up with 6 different looks with different pairings of jeans and accessories with the Zoya Top! Other that Zoya, we would also like to add the Aleora Toga Bodysuit into this list of 5, for we think that this bodysuit is immensely classy and sophisticated. If you are trying to achieve an elegantly chic look, Aleora would be the best partner for your denim jeans!


For a casual look, we have selected the Mabrey Boat Neck Sleeved Blouse! We love this top because of its comfortable and lightweight cotton material, and the fact that it can be worn in multiple ways! This means that you can either tuck it in, let it out, or tie a knot at the front for a totally different look! Because of its comfortable material, you can even wear it at home! It is this versatile! For a casual day out, we would have no qualms about wearing the Mabrey Blouse with denim jeans for both make up such a cosy outfit!




If you are looking at a feminine appearance, look no further than our Dylis Puff Sleeved Wrap Top! The epitome of femininity and grace, this top comes with a v-neckline, puff sleeves, and a peplum silhouette. It also comes in genteel colours and floral prints, all of which are capable of creating different moods, and evoking different feelings. For a Sunday brunch, we would love to don on the lilac top and a pair of white jeans! It is vital to have at least one pair of white jeans in your wardrobe for they can make you look super polished and stylish; whereas a blue denim jeans tend to look slightly more casual! 


 For that adventurous look under the Sun, think picnics and cycling trips, Phylis Ribbed Cotton Tank Top will be the go-to pick to be paired with denim jeans! Made of a comfortable, stretchy, cotton material, Phylis provides ample space for easy movements and still looks chic! Complete your look with flats or loafers and you are good to go :)


With love,

Team NM

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