Living in Simplicity - the 6 outfits we'd be in all day!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on September 07 2020

Living in Simplicity - the 6 outfits we'd be in all day!


If there's anything WFH (working-from-home) did superbly well, it is to convert all of us into homebodies who would be more than willing to slip into comfort clothes that are undeniably simple and snug! Who knew solid basics and cosy fabrics such as cotton and knit would be this huge at this time of the year? 2020 has been a whirlwind year and here we are, smacked right into the last quarter of this year! You might be curious about our recent favourite outfits so here they are! :)




The first outfit we'd be in all day definitely belongs to the "short-short" category, and that translates to cropped tops and short shorts! We recently launched our first-ever Neonmello cropped top - Zoya Square Neck Cropped Top, and you girls are surely loving it as much as us! How can we not, when it comes with a flattering square neckline, and reasonably modest length that is definitely not a bra-top? We have a million reasons for loving this top, yet the most important one is simply because it is Zoya! ;) Delanie Denim Shorts right here matches perfectly with the Zoya Top. Isn't it the perfect casual outfit to be in? #GetYourZoya


For cozy days meant for snuggling, especially with the recent downpours and chilly weather, Raina Knit Sweater seems to be our outfit answer! It may seem like a very simple sweater with no fancy details, but it sure looks exceedingly timeless with its gorgeous colours and classic round neckline. To be honest, this will still be a very functional and stylish piece even few years down the road ;) And to complement the frosty climate lately, we love to pair the Raina Sweater with a favourite of ours, and that is none other than the Delanie Shorts


When it's time to get dressy, you bet we know how! Without forgoing the comfort that we have been so used to during this period, and also keeping being effortlessly chic in mind, we will opt for the Averi Tie-Knot Sleeved Cotton Dress! This dress received so many positive reviews from those of you who have received it, and there's truly no questions about it. It is extremely soft and comfortable; it comes with modest sleeves, and a reasonable length; and it features a tie-knot detail that allows it to be tied in multiple ways. We absolutely can't think of another dress that is similar in comfort and style! 




 Satisfying our cravings for anything puffed sleeves. Presenting to you the Amory Cotton Sleeve Topone of the tops that received the highest likes from you girls, and also one of our favourite tops to be in all day. The Amory Top is truly comfortable and comes with a slight stretch in the fabric. What we love about this top, though, is really the puffed sleeves. These statement sleeves make your outfit more updated just by being there. And a simple look to go for is to pair this top with a high-waist shorts!


As though we were ever over the Zoya fever (#GetYourZoya), here comes another simple outfit featuring the Zoya Top. This time, we preferred a more polished touch to it, and we have paired this with our Sheila Straight-cut Jeans! There is possibly no outfit more timeless than the denim one, and Sheila's our latest denim favourite! When in doubt, slip into your denim jeans, a cropped top, and a pair of sleek strappy heels! You will look 100%, for sure! ;)


For the last casual outfit on this list, we can't do without a basic knit top that is so soft and slim to the touch that you won't even feel warm wearing it out on a hot day! It's the Double D outfit combination -- Deanna Knit Top and Delanie Denim Shorts! These two items have long been our top comfortable favourites that we love to share with you too. Outfits that look good and feel good are exceptionally precious to us. There's no other outfits we's rather be in all day!



With love,

Team NM

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