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How To Wear a Basic Top and Still Look Stylish (featuring Gabe top)

How To Wear a Basic Top and Still Look Stylish (featuring Gabe top)

I’m sure all of us have at least one basic top sitting in our closet - but how do we style them in a way that makes us look good? Here are our 3 secret tips on how to style your basic tops to look effortlessly stylish and pretty:

1st tip: Start simple with Denim!

One of the tips on making a basic top look less boring is to pair it with denim! You’ll be surprised by how few people know about this fashion hack. Everything and anything goes well with denim, especially during summer🌴 Since the denim texture is a contrast to the texture of the basic top, denim makes the look more interesting. Try pairing a basic top with a pair of denim jeans like Amber or Kelly denim shorts - after that, you’re good to go! 👍
🔥Bonus tip🔥 - Denim comes in a few types too like dark-wash, mid-wash and light-wash. If you have a light-coloured basic top like the brown ecru Gabe basic top in the picture, light-wash denim is a better pairing to go with! Same goes for dark-coloured basic tops with dark-wash denim. Mid-wash usually goes well with any coloured tops!

2nd tip: Style it up with unique bottoms!

Enhance your look with a basic top by pairing it with unique bottoms! Unique bottoms can come in a variety of ways - it can be an interesting colour like barbie pink colour (shown on Lucca shorts), eye-catching details like the drop waist hem of Tiara skorts or patterns. But more importantly, trying out unique bottoms is all about going out of the comfort zone! Even for myself, I tend to pair basic tops with the same bottoms every time and after a while, I find the whole look a little repetitive and boring at times. To bring some new, fresh look to my basic top, I tried pairing it with a pair of pants with floral prints and it really added stylishness and uniqueness to the whole look! 
The strength about such basic tops is that it is a safe top to try matching with fun and patterned bottoms. So try combining your basic top with something unique and different from your usual style - you won’t regret it :) 

3rd tip: Accessories, accessories

Oftentimes, we become so focused on clothes that we tend to miss out accessories such as bags, jewellery or shoes. I used to ignore the importance of accessories and just wear a set of clothes that I like, until one time I looked in the mirror in my basic clothes and felt, “Hmm….something feels missing!”.  Accessories are probably the most underrated part of fashion and they can really elevate our look, making us look dashing and complete! If you are wearing a basic top and plain bottoms, add some sparkle to your look with simple jewelleries like earrings (tip: for a more chic look, try hoop earrings!) and necklaces. Next, experiment with different types of bags and shoes! You’ll notice how shoes and bags can change the entire vibe of your simple look✨We’ll share more tips on styling accessories in subsequent blogs - so keep a lookout for it 😘

Have fun matching and experimenting with fashion!💘

Love from,

Team NM


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