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Top picks by our Gen-Z interns🥰

Top picks by our Gen-Z interns🥰
All of us in Neonmello have something in common - an obsession with clothes! Curious about what our Gen-Z interns wear from Neonmello? Let’s check out their individual fashion styles and top picks!

Maggie’s Top Picks

“I don’t have a fixed fashion style but I like clothes that look good on me and make me feel good! I also like casual and practical items, so that I can always wear them without thinking too much. For casual and everyday wear, I highly recommend Minori boxy tee 👕! It can be paired well with anything casual like denim shorts. Sometimes, I even wear it to sleep because it’s so soft…It’s not overly cropped too so I feel comfortable wearing it. Anyway, if you want a simple and comfortable cropped tee, you should try Minori!  
I also really like the Miranda twist-detail jumpsuit too! It’s effortlessly stylish on me and the black colour also makes me look slim~ I think it’s a pretty versatile piece so you can practically wear it for work, school or parties!"

Minjung’s Top Picks

“I usually go for a feminine, minimalist style or lovely style with pastel colours. Comfort is also super important to me so I tend to lean towards easy-to-wear and comfortable items 🙂
One of my top picks is Lucida, my go-to item for comfortable and stylish wear hehe. I love wearing it out to brunch by pairing it with a pair of simple sandals and everyone always comments on how lovely it looks, especially the unique sage colour. It’s surprisingly flattering on my body as well! 
I also loveee the wide-legged Alvie pants! The chocolate-brown colour is also fitting for my minimalistic look and makes me look tall and mature 🌟It also goes well with all my other tops like white tank tops, black cropped blouses etc” 

Xingyi’s Top Picks

“Neutrals are my thing! I also love basic tops and bottoms because they can be matched easily while still looking effortlessly pretty.
My favourite basic item in Neonmello is the Zonia crop top! If you are a fan of Neonmello, then you’ll surely know and love the basic Zonia top. It’s not just comfortable, it’s even padded so I like that I don’t have to wear another layer of undergarment beneath the top 👍
Another item I fancy is the Miley romper dress 😍Ngl, I was quite surprised that I like this dress because I normally prefer basic items or neutral coloured items. But there’s something very appealing about this dress, like the ruched bust details and off-shoulder ruffled sleeves which gives me a sweet and unique look when I try it on!"
Love from,
Team NM

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