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NM Team's Favourites!

NM Team's Favourites!





1. Dream Cruise:
Due to the pandemic situation, no one has been able to travel out of Singapore and that includes me! As such, when I heard that I may be able to go on a cruise instead, I immediately jumped on it! Hence, I went on a little 4D3N adventure with my friends! We had a ball of fun, whether it's the casino, sports, swimming, entertainment, it's really enjoyable! The best part is we get to eat all we want for free!! 

2. Elyse Pinafore:
Been loving the Elyse Pinafore lately because it is such a vacation-friendly dress! It is both casual and chic and all you have to do is just slip it over a tank top or basic top and you are good to go! I even wore it on one of the days of my Dream Cruise getaway!

3. Nine Wicker Ave
I am a huge fan of aromatherapy!! Recently, I chanced upon Nine Wicker Ave and purchased some of their house pours. Their festive line-up are so amazing and to be honest, they made my house smell so good! I'm always in for a relaxing weekend afternoon just doing some aromatherapy at home!
#support local

4. Rayne Top
The Rayne top is my favourite top these days! It comes in a relaxed-fit, and I'm never one to say no to such comfy knits that I have bagged home two of them! The shade in rose is so pleasing, and they are the best to get cozy in especially with the rainy season! Currently on backorder for all colours! 

5. Sushiro
YES! Japanese's Biggest Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain opens up an outlet near my place! I went to queue for it with my friends and am I glad to say that it is worth the wait! I love how fresh and tasty the sushi served are that this has officially become my favourite sushi place! There's 2 conveyor belts with the bottom belt coming round with the more normal sushi you will find, while the top belt provides the more exquisite types of sushi! You can also order directly from the staff and they will serve fresh from the kitchen! It is definitely a must-try if you haven't already tried it!





1. Emily in Paris:
Woots! My favourite drama at the moment and I seriously can't wait for the second season to be out! The reason I started on this show is because of Lily Collins! I have been a huge fan of her and her movies, hence surely I have to watch Emily in Paris too! Well, one episode got me hooked on and I completed Season 1 in no time. This show is adorably lighthearted and illustrates a little into the Parisian Life (if not all). It really kinds of make me want to head to Paris! 

2. Beauty in a Pot:
My recent favourite food has got to be hotpot! Whether it's meeting my friends or having it at home, it's Beauty in a Pot! Did you know that they now do home delivery? And, I'm so thankful for the huge bottles of collagen soup base delivered together with the food! We didn't manage to finish all of the soup base at one go, and kept it to make noodle soup the next day! ;)

3. Cayla Ruched Top:
Favourite top from Neonmello is none other than the Cayla Ruched Top! This top comes in 5 different colours and all of them are such keepers! Featuring ruched detailing and ribbed texture, this top can be worn as a normal-length top as well as a cropped top! My go-to way of wearing it is a mid-length cropped top!

4. Dr Jart Cicapair Skincare
I can't help but share that this is my favourite skincare for the past 9 months! I started simplifying my skincare routine after a bout of lymph node infection. Now, I'm only down to the Cicapair Toner, Serum, and Moisturiser. This not only moisturises my face but also soothes it very well!





1. Genki Sushi:
All of my friends know that my favourite cuisine is Japanese! And obviously, I had rounds of Japanese food the past month with it being my birthday month! Even though I'm open to all sorts of Japanese food, I have to say that Genki Sushi is a clear winner to me! I absolutely love their sushi and how fresh and delicious they taste every time I have them!

2. Dr Jart Vital Hydra Mask:
As I age, my skin sometimes get extremely dry even though I apply moisturiser. I got introduced to the Dr Jart Vital Hydra Mask and never looked back. This mask is by far the best and most effective mask I have even tried. Every single time, I will try to get my hands on them. Yet, it can be frustrating when they get sold out everywhere! Nonetheless, this is the mask I'd like to recommend to everyone!

3. Saboteur:
Got introduced to this game recently and to be honest, it is more fun than I ever imagined. This is a game of trying to "lie" to the best of your ability, and even though I am not the best at that, it is definitely a fun game to play with your friends!

4. Cleo Pants:
I l love love the Cleo pants and the fit of it, really. Sometimes, it's not easy for me to find a flattering pants with a good fit, but this is the one! Featuring visible vertical lines down the front, it actually makes you look taller than you really are! 




1. Emily in Paris:
Similar to Shermaine, I love this show because it is so light-hearted and funny! There are so many awkward yet amusing moments in this show that got me laughing out of nowhere. This also allows me a glimpse into the French lifestyle and can't help but got me thinking how fun it is to be there!

2. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask:
I have been using the Laneige Sleeping Mask and I can't find a better sleeping mask than this! Whenever my skin looks dry and dull, I will apply this at night and my skin will feel soft and supple the next morning. If you are looking for a sleeping mask that works wonders, this is it!

3. Makisan
Literally my go-to food lately! Maki-san is my kind of food for a day at work or just chilling at home. I love how I can customise the ingredients I want in their DIY sushi or bowl! If you haven't tried them, you totally should! Besides, delivery is usually 30 minutes (maximum)! ;)

4. Audria Jeans
I got so many clothes from Neonmello but my current favourite is definitely the Audria Jeans. In fact, I have worn them out countless times, pairing with different tops! Audria is exceedingly comfortable and I love how tall it makes me look! It is no doubt an investment piece for me! 




1. Mugen Train:
I recently watched the much-anticipated Mugen Train movie which I've been looking forward to the entire year, and it was so amazing. It brought up so many emotions within me, and it motivated me to rewatch the Kimetsu no Yaiba series again!

2. Kodak Disposable Camera:
I've been trying to make it a habit to take more photos of the things and people of my everyday life. It's so nice to have memories and little reminders to look back on. The Kodak Disposable Camera has made recording these memories so much more fun!

3. Cayla Ruched Top
I've always had a thing for crop tops, and I love how the Cayla Ruched Top can be worn with literally anything! The drawstring feature also makes for a very flattering fit.

4. RE:ERTH Multi-Targeted Elixir
This elixir has been my all-time favourite - not just for this month. It's an excellent skincare essential, and helps keep my skin clear. It also helps make my skin feel more bouncy and fresh!

5. Hoshino Coffee
My friends and I have really enjoyed Hoshino Coffee recently. Their menu is extensive; there's definitely something for everyone! My friends and I especially enjoy the pastas, as well as their desserts, like their soufflé pancakes!




With love,

Team NM


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