The New Bottoms - Gotta Get Them in Your Closet!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on November 17 2020

The New Bottoms - Gotta Get Them in Your Closet!


 It's the era of b o t t o m s! Shorts, pants, jeans, you name it! Coordinate-dressing has been a thing with us lately! If you have been following us and our launches (we update daily on @neonmello), you will know that we kind of went a little overboard in this category! There's a variety of tops and bottoms steered more towards the minimalist and basic style! In this post, we are going to be exploring the new bottoms options that you have to up your fashion game






 It's the hot favourite, girls! Your Clarity Culottes is back in new colours! We are looking at more autumnal tones that are both perfect for the office, as well as off-duty days! There are many reasons why all of us LOVE Clarity! It has that flattering fit, making us look so good wearing it. It has that perfect flow with a material that's smooth and lightweight, ideal for everyday wear. It comes with functional pockets and belt loops, and it is friendly with most heights too! We love how it matches so well with most of the tops we have, from Zelda to Zoya, then to Phylis and Dahlia, and many more! Still need any more reasons to add this to your entourage? ;)


 If Clarity made it into your favourites list, we wouldn't be surprised that Cleo Pants is either already on your favourites list, or on its way! Made with a mid-weight material and comes in a sleeker, more A-line silhouette, the Cleo Pants have definitely stolen as many hearts as the Clarity Culottes. If you were to compare these two designs, we'd say that the Cleo Pants is more suitable for the more professional and serious office meetings or if you have a pitch to make! We absolutely adore the immaculate, visible threading, especially on the pockets. It simple exudes a polished vibe!





 OH YES. We all need that one pair of jeans that are ripped to add to the "oomph", and perhaps giving off a little street-style vibe right there! In fact, we have already added these high-waist babies to our wardrobe! The Audria Jeans comes in 3 colours: White, Black, Denim Blue, and it would not be right to be missing one shade because we surely need one for each occasion! ;) This pair is perfect to go into your weekly outfit rotation. It's comfortable and matches well with many tops too!


 Meet Jennie. The new girl on the block! ;) Well, this pair of shorts is definitely our weekend favourite. The Jennie Ruffles Weekend Shorts (launching this week) is undoubtedly our pick for a cosy day in or out! It's good for lounging, but still look chic for running errands! Decorated with a gathered waist-line, it comes with a straight-cut silhouette and is really soft to the touch! We'd complete the look with casual sandals and we are good to go! 



With love,

Team NM

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