Weekend Cosies – Outfits to cosy up to!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on November 09 2020

Weekend Cosies – Outfits to cosy up to!


It's the sweater weather kind of period yet again! It is always around this time of the year where the weather turns a little colder, giving room to warm coffees, heart-warming snuggles, and cosy outfits! Given that most of us are probably back in the office, weekend outfits have gone back to becoming days where we can really dress down and in a more cosy manner!  We are really thinking of softer materials and brighter colours, as the year starts its quick march into year-end (2020 seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye). With this, let's start on our weekend cosies - the outfits you should have to cosy up to for the relaxing weekends.



When it comes to weekend casuals or, in this case, weekend cosies, we are huge on tops and shorts outfit combinations, or anything coordinates! ;) Ribbed textured items are high on our list. In fact, 4 of our outfits consist of ribbed tops! We have the Cayla Ruched Sleeved Top that is coming up in this week's launch (12 NOV), matched with the widely-loved Hana Shorts, the Dahlia High Neck Ribbed Top paired with the Dayne Cuffed Denim Shorts, and the Phylis Ribbed Top matched with the Ethel Denim Pinafore Romper.

Well, our first outfit that consists of Cayla Ruched Top and Hana Shorts comes in gorgeous, earthy hues of white and ecru. To be very honest, earthy tones such as browns, terracotta, ecru and cream have been on our outfit routine lately! We are simply so in love with these neutral colours that wearing them on repeat is not a problem! Also, the Cayla Top comes with modest sleeves and a ruched detailing at both sides, meaning that you can tie it up into a cropped top or leave it as it is as a normal-length top! Hana Shorts also provide a pretty polish vibe given its cutting and smooth material! ;)

 Next, we have the really casual outfit for weekend that will be perfect for a picnic! Showcasing the Dahlia High Neck Ribbed Top and the Dayne Denim Shorts, both of which are highly demanded, this outfit exudes a classy demeanour while maintaining that casual chic vibe! One thing that we really like about this is the high-neckline of the Dahlia Top <3

The third coordinate we have here is for the one-piece lovers! If you are in love with the idea of one-piece, you are surely in for a treat! This outfit is made of the Ethel Denim Pinafore Romper and the Phylis Ribbed Top! We truly adore the A-line romper silhouette and the adjustable button detailing that comes with Ethel. Also, you can switch up the looks by letting loose one of the shoulder straps and go for a street-chic look! How cool is that! 





Coordinates are well-loved because they can be mixed and matched with other tops or bottoms for different looks! That is also one of our key reasons we have a soft spot for coordinates! Here, in our Hana Shorts, we have on the Rayne Knit Top that is ideal for chilly days. This is exactly the kind of outfit we will be wearing to a friend's house to have dinner, have fun and just to relax! 

 And finally, we have one last weekend outfit that makes it for cosy days and snuggle times! It's none other than the Brina Ribbed Top and the Dayne Denim Shorts! Brina Top is one of the hotter items given the number of times it has been restocked! Truly, it is one flattering top that makes you look good anyhow. It has a modish square neckline and a fitting silhouette. One can simply tuck it into the shorts and complete your outfit with a pair of white sneakers!



With love,

Team NM


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