Ways to Style the Keana Boyfriend Shirt!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on November 02 2020

Ways to Style the Keana Boyfriend Shirt!


The one trend that has been getting to us is the "shirt" trend, obviously! Crisp buttoned shirts always provide a classic look. They can look professional and chic at the same time, and depending on the way you style it and the accessories you match it with, you can definitely also transform it into a casual chic kind of look! This timeless buttoned shirt has a huge cult following since decades past and is still going strong. For those of you who have yet to be part of it, it would surely be wise of you to join now ;)


 The Keana BF Shirt (aka boyfriend shirt) comes in a crisp, structured material and mind not that it looks prim and proper, for it can certainly look sultry for date nights too! ;)




 One apparent benefit of the buttoned shirt is the fact that the buttons are functional! Sounds like common sense? It sure is, but not many people will utilise this fact to wear it in multiple ways! The first way of wearing this top is to wear it like a normal buttoned shirt (like many others), either tucked into your bottoms or let loose. However, one other way of wearing it is as an outerwear on its own. Due to the warm weather and many air-conditioned areas in Singapore, it is sometimes inevitable to want to wear a sleeveless top and then throwing an outerwear over us to keep us slightly warmer in air-conditioned places. Then again, the outerwear has to be lightweight and falls into the "not-so-thick" category so that we can wear it both indoors and outdoors! Keana BF Shirt is our best bet for this since it is both crisp and lightweight at the same time!  


 Wearing it let loose on the outside will provide a casual look so it is perfect for daily errands, think heading to the supermarket for grocery shopping, or popping by your neighbourhood shopping mall for a quick lunch or dinner! We would pair it with a pair of denim shorts (Dayne Shorts) and cross-body bag for a fuss-free look! Alternatively, wearing it as an outerwear is a bonus! You can most definitely throw the Keana BF Shirt over a simple white top and denim shorts for a casual chic look, or denim jeans for a more put-together look! We love the streetstyle vibes that it gives when coupled with our Zoya Top!





And the quintessential look of all times: the tucked-in buttoned shirt! This is one truly easy look that makes all the waves. As simple as it is, we can't help but feel that it is a look that spells polished. We paired the Keana BF Shirt (fully tucked in) with our Hana Shorts for a smart casual look. This outfit will be ideal for semi-formal lunch meetings, complete with loafers and a clutch bag! If you would like a slightly more stylish look, go on and tuck in only half of the shirt while leaving the other half loose! This is an effortlessly modish look that anyone can achieve ;)




With love,

Team NM


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