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Posted on June 21 2019




Ladies, what's your take on the recent trends? Our team has highlighted 4 of our most favoured trends of the season, and it seems that our recent collections have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by these trends! Surely, you will find something that suit you to a T - from dainty eyelet to versatile reversibility, and from artistic abstract prints to chic colourblock details! Let's head right into the topic!




Indeed, this is our favourite summer trend of them all! Dainty frocks are made of eyelet dreams like such and we are so in love with the variety of eyelet embroidery patterns that can come in the different designs. Sometimes, it can also come with frilly details, further embracing this trend into our assortment of romantic and exuberant dresses. Featuring Beverly and Amaryllis - our current two favourite from the eyelet collection - that are undoubtedly perfect for Sunday Brunches and/or any get-together with friends. Pick from either a babydoll silhouette or a fit-n-flare A-line silhouette. We can't decide which we love more! 




 When it comes to duo-functionality, we are witnessing an apparent rise in reversible dresses - be it solid hues or prints (team NM adore both!). Whether or not you are budget-conscious, "more bang for the buck" always somehow manages to struck a chord with the majority of us. We are on the constant look-out for something modern, chic, yet is able to give us more that requested. Reversible dresses align with this phrase totally, and we can't agree more. While Korisa Trapeze features pure, solid hues, Vita Dress comes with the additional frill of a drop-waist hemline. The first exudes a more casual vibe, and the latter a more feminine one. Which do you prefer? :)





While prints have been a constant in the world of fashion - from digital printing to screen printing, and to sublimation printing - they seem to have undergone a re-interpretation towards the direction of abstract printing. It appears that minimalism is slowly waning, and that vibrant colours and prints (aka the more the merrier) are taking over our wardrobes. Inevitably, the classic and timeless pieces will always be around, and we will surely want to pair them with a happier print and more refreshing hues! In this edit, we have with us here our exceedingly popular Merrifolk Dress and Kagura Outerwear. Time to make heads turn with these gorgeous prints! 




Imagine colourblock details (the usual mixing and matching of different blocks of colours) with an indication of differing textures and fabrics. A very simple trend, indeed, of piecing a variety of colour blocks in a complementary manner - almost like jigsaw puzzle! We are tying textures with colour-blocking and can't be happier with the designs we came out with! Featuring Leontina Dress and Mochi Trapeze, we have both accordion pleats design and tier design with the same colour family that resembles a colour gradient. We'd say one is perfect for work, while the other - a day date out!



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