5 Basics for Your Everyday Wardrobe!

Shermaine Inez

Posted on August 11 2020

5 Basics for Your Everyday Wardrobe!


With good basics, you will have endless options!

This has been one of our fundamentals for wardrobe-building lately, with work-from-home situations, few casual outings, and near-zero formal events. Whether it's for dressing to work for those in the essential industry, or simply heading to cafe brunches, a closet full of basics will make dressing up so much easier! There's the professional office vibe, or the street-style edgy vibe, and the friendly casual vibe - whichever you prefer! Read on for the 5 basic items you should have in your everyday wardrobe! :)



The Comfort Top

We mostly associate comfort with soft and comfortable materials such as cotton with a little bit of stretch! Hence, our number 1 comfort top is undoubtedly made of cotton! There's the Zelda Square Neck Top and then, there's the sisters tops - Phylicia Ribbed Sleeved Top and Phylis Ribbed Tank Top! Zelda features a smooth finish making it suitable for both work meetings matched with formal pants, as well as casual outings matched with denim shorts! On the other hand, Phylis and Phylicia comes with a ribbed textured finish, making them really suitable for casual gatherings or brunch dates! :)


The Snug Bodysuit

If you haven't read our earlier post on the 5 reasons you need a bodysuit, let us convince you now why it is such a basic item in our wardrobes! One of the most apparent reasons is that it is comfortably snug, and sticks closely to our body without any chance of fabric folds and lumping when it's being tucked in and worn under a pair of bottoms! Besides, it is perfect for beach vacations where you can simply let loose your bottoms and have fun just in your bodysuit, making it a pleasant substitute for your one-piece swimsuit! The Aleora Toga Bodysuit is perfect for a classy look, and the Ardella Square Neck Bodysuit is ideal for street-style edgy vibes!




The One-Piece Wonder

 For those of you who love the ease of dressing up, anything one-piece seems like a dream - for you can just slip it on and head out the door! Here's featuring our sister-design for Ofelia Romper Overall and Odilia Overall Dungaree. Both are hot favourites (no, we are not kidding!), and we know exactly why! Besides the ease of dressing up, these one-piece overalls come in the prettiest pastel shades and are perfect for weekend luncheons with friends. Or, you can also dress up at home in your casual chic overalls when your friends come over as well! One of the plus points, we believe, is that you can pair this overall with many kinds of tops, from tube tops, sleeveless tops, sleeved tops, and even collared shirts for a more preppy look!


The Classic Pants

 Clarity Culottes has been favoured by many, that we are coming up with a longer version - Perspective Pants, and ideally a shorter version for shorts too! With its soft material and straight-cut silhouette, Clarity is a versatile piece that you can style with different tops for totally different looks, from formal meetings to casual outings! If you're up for street-style vibes, our Sheila Jeans should be the one must-have in your closet! We all need that one classic pants in our wardrobe that we can slip on no matter the occasion! ;)


The Denim Shorts

 We bet many of you already have denim shorts in your weekend ensemble! It is truly hard to not have at least a pair of worn-to-death denim shorts in our warm and humid weather! It's almost become a staple in many of our wardrobes and it's something we can never live without (at least for me!). :P Comfortable and versatile, the denim short outfit is our go-to casual and is perfect for fun gatherings such as picnics, kite-flying and even cycling! It is definitely a must to have in your wardrobe, especially in different lengths and colours! 



With love,

Team NM


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