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Posted on November 04 2019




We recently published our first-ever styling video on IGTV! And, if you haven't watched it, you may do so here! The video is all about "How-to Style Colourful Hues & Vibrant Prints!”. Bringing a similar topic here onto the blog, we do get that sometimes it's hard to wear out garish prints. As such, we have collated this list of our favourite printed items, and through this post, you will have a better understanding of how to style them!





 Yes, it's JODINA! She's back, yet again! Many of you have been asking for this silhouette for the longest time, and it is finally back now! *exclaims in process* 

Also, featured in this dress is our in-house designed prints: Under The Sea

This print, as the name suggests, is inspired by all that is under the sea -- the marine creatures and aquatic plants living along the seabed and so on. To prevent this piece from being too conspicuous, we have added a solid-hued bodice to match with the printed A-line skirting. We adore the flattering fit-n-flare silhouette with its box-pleats design. Since the outfit has already been decorated by the prints, we would suggest muted, complementary tones for your accessories. For example, tones that already exist in the dress itself, or neutral tones such as beige, or black.



Old but gold. Another old favourite: The Classic Maeva Maxi!

This dress is exceedingly popular with you ladies out there, who love the idea of a two-piece outfit, less the hassle of mixing and matching! It features a flouncy tier cropped top and a maxi skirt silhouette with contrasting prints! This is our third version of the Maeva Maxi, with different maxi prints/colours every time! It first came in solid hues for the maxi skirting, followed by mini floral prints, and finally the tropical abstract print of the present! We, too, are fond of this silhouette that we finally did one in abstract prints! 

This classy dress can be worn to semi-formal events, or brunch dates, and even more so resort getaways! It would look exceptional when paired with earthy hues such as browns and beiges, think straw /rattan bags. We also can't reject a white structured bag for an elegant look! Minimal jewellery is the way to go!





It's a TOP!

Reversible tops are such great buys, and the flip-side only provides us more bang for the buck! Imagine paying for the price of one, but with two different tops! That's the whole idea with reversible items - tops, or dresses. In the Orabela Top, we have included in it our in-house print: Under The Sea (as mentioned above in Jodina). This top features prints on one side, and solid colours on the other side. This allows for two different styles of wearing, whether you would like to dress up or dress down for the occasion that you are donning it for. 

 For the printed side, pair it with a pair of solid-hued (or something less striking) bottoms. Add some dainty, low-key accessories for a refined look!


Orabela Abstract Reversible Top (upcoming) 




 This timeless silhouette. This artful piece.

Modest sleeves, maxi length, and mountain prints.

 Mount Yuki Maxi does not come with colourful and striking prints like the others do, but it does come with a pretty prominent print of mountains and the gradients that follow. We do also love the cinched look provided by the waist-sash! This dress certainly features a softer colour palette with gentle colour gradients for a more comfortable look. As such, it is an especially simple piece to style! In this case, because it comes with a beige colour as the canvas, one may style the dress with bags or shoes in the same palette - think camel, brown, copper and so on. Gold, or rose gold accessories make for the perfect accompaniment! 


Mount Yuki Abstract Waist-tie Sleeve Maxi Dress




 We got to list this as one of our favourite printed items, for sure. 

Of late, the Kimono Outerwear has been all the rage! And we can't miss the Yukiko Kimono Outerwear. Our first batch of Yukiko was really in demand that we did this new shade in lilac blue which we are truly in love with. The genteel, pastel palette just speaks to us naturally, and we are definitely nuts about the various, effortless pairing we can get from this outerwear! Being an outerwear, there are probably a million ways you can style it. A denim jeans and blouse outfit, a denim shorts and cropped top outfit, a slip dress outfit, so on and so forth.




Which is your favourite item from the 5? ^.^ 


With love,
Team NM

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